Gastronomic Festival "Sumaq Mijuna" Communities level of Machu Picchu, was well received

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Gastronomic Festival "Sumaq Mijuna" Communities level of Machu Picchu, was well received

The District Municipality of Machu Picchu through the Agricultural Development Division (Truchas Project and Project Management Sub Coffee Tourism and Economic Development), today held the Great Food Festival "Sumaq Mijuna" with the participation of over 15 exhibitors all from different rural communities in the district.

The gastronomic event was held from 10:00 am in the Plaza Manco Capac of Machu Picchu Pueblo, as a way to promote in the town of Machu Picchu and domestic and foreign visitors consuming typical dishes prepared using local produce and use local ingredients. Also, there were tents tasting and sale of coffee produced in Mesada committees, project Huillcar and Collpani selling coffee and trout dishes trout prepared by the project.

Festival Gastronómico Sumaq Mijuna

After the activity, the organizers awarded to the winning entrants in the first three places, the first was for Mrs. Luisa Huillca Villafuerte who presented the "Andean Vegetable Snack", the second place went to the Farm Torontoy presented the dish "Arroz con Pato Style Torontoy" and third place took Mrs. Tomasa Ancayfuro who presented the traditional dish called "Tarpuy Snack" to whom they were given envelopes with money of S / 1,200.00, S / 800: 00 and S / 500.00 soles respectively.

It should be noted that the rating was conducted by a specialized jury composed of professionals gastronomy chefs, including a representative of Restaurant Tourist Pachama Burmeg Elder Balderrama, a representative Belmon Sanctuary Loge Junior Urrutia and a representative of The Mapi Inkaterra Walter Villegas, who for the final evaluation took into consideration the following criteria: setting the designated space, preparing dishes, innovation, hygiene, presentation, inputs used, among others.

Very recognized by diffusion.

Machupicchu 25 September 2015.