The comic legend of the Ayar Brothers was introduced in Japan

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El cómic de la leyenda de los Hermanos Ayar fue presentado en Japón

The Colca Autonomous Authority - Autocolca introduced in Japan the comic "Colca: Heirs of the Sun" an alternate history of the legend of the Ayar brothers and their struggle against the forces of evil in order to forge the Inca Empire and its passage through the valley Colca in Arequipa.

Elmer Caceres Llica, Autocolca chairman, said in an animated also showed Asian countries the legend of the Ayar brothers and their passage through the Colca Valley.

The document contains more than 400 photographs of the valley, and to the 13 sculptures that show dance costumes typical of the area, among which there is the face of Ciro Castillo, who is wearing a dance costume "Los Negritos" and images whose creators are planning to create fabulous stories in the coming months.

Autocolca produced 1,000 copies of the comic legend in Japanese Ayar, which were distributed at the Tourism Fair and 500 journals that show the best photos of Colca book: Paradise Deep showcasing the beauty of the Colca Valley.