Pose increasing amount of quotas for the Inca Trail

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Because the amount of daily quotas for the Inca Trail is not supplied, it is proposed to perform various studies in order to know what the exact amount of tourists who can move about and reach one of the wonders of the world ( Machu Picchu).

At present there are 500 seats that are available (daily), it is why Pedro Gamboa, head of the National Service of Protected Natural Areas by the State (Sernanp), reported that the study will indicate how many tourists can enter the route.

Furthermore, "the experience should be staged is working on a medium-term strategy, on the subject of the Inca trail, begin to set income for a day, two or all the circuit, but we are in full preparation of studies," said Gamboa .

Similarly, it is intended to change the rules that determine the authorization to operate the Inca Trail (for one year). The new plan is intended to give concessions for 5 years for tour operators, and that if during the period since some of them commit offenses, first admonishes, in second time will be sanctioned and the third the contract is terminated with the operator violator.

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