Reality chinese be recorded in Machu Picchu, Amazon and Lake Titicaca

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Reality chinese be recorded in Machu Picchu, Amazon and Lake Titicaca

The program recognized, 'Huayang jiejie', which in its first season was conducted in the places of Italy and Turkey and was seen by hundreds of millions of people, now, to make it more spectacular, this program is planning to tax in the countries of Mexico, Peru and Argentina, so we are sure that in one way or another can spread the rich and little known tourism that has the oriental country with respect to this part of the region.

It is expected that during your visit to our country, the program has a particular tax events in Iquitos and the Amazon, Machu Picchu, Puno and Lake Titicaca.

We know that the second season will be broadcast from this March, in addition to the show's format was inspired by a South Korean format, which is a pun difficult to translate (Assorted sisters, sisters trick or sisters as flowers).

This season he has recognized Eastern actresses as young Chinese Wang Lin, Jin Chen and Jiang Yan, Taiwan's Lin Chi-ling and the oldest of the group, comic TV Song Dandan 54, all traveling as a kind from backpacking through Latin America for over a month.

Moreover, the economic and commercial counselor of Peru in Shanghai, Vladimir Kocerh, indicated that in Peru plans to levy 12 episodes from February 17 visiting Iquitos, Amazon, Cusco, the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, Puno and Titicaca lake.

It also stated that the program is one of the most watched of China, Saturdays spent in primetime, for an hour and a half and is expected to put the Peru before the eyes of millions of people to somehow mark a before and after and can give a tourist beat.

In fact, this production of the state channel of Shanghai Dragon TV is one of the reality shows more followed in the country, and in his first season, filmed in Italy and Turkey, was seen by hundreds of millions of people, with more than 450 million viewings only Chinese video portals on the Internet.

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