On tour in Peru: Sculptural mural showing climate change is discovered

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The archaeological zone of Caral, with an age of 5000 years is still considered the oldest city in America, being the only one of its kind of monumental building. Declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009.

This time Caral highlights, because it has been discovered recently, some engravings with 3 800 years old, with reasons that would refer to climate change.

Ruth Shady, the director of the Archaeological Complex, made public the discovery of these pieces, which, according to interpretations, represent a scene of the return of water after a long period of drought.

The image was found located in one of the friezes in the anteroom of one of the ceremonial rooms, as part of a building of 874 square meters.

In the scene you can see a toad, a really important icon in the Andean worldview, since it represents the rains and water of the rivers, an essential element for agriculture. Another representative image is the head that represents the human being, who needs water to be able to continue living. For these reasons, the archaeologist considers that it would be a way of maintaining the memory of the misfortune that happened and about the difficulties they faced due to climate change.

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