Taehyung tour in Machu Picchu? BTS member says “I really want to know Peru”

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Making the tour to Machu Picchu is the dream of many people in all parts of the world, which does not leave out the famous, such is the case of the member of the popular Korean band BTS, Taehyung.

Through the Weverse application, platform of the fan community that belongs to the great agency of great artists, Big Hit Entertainment, Taehyung made a live broadcast to thousands of ARMYs, which were surprised to hear him say that one of his wishes is to know our country and the world wonder of Machu Picchu.

Everything was born as a result of a fan's question, which asks him if he would like to visit Peru and the citadel of Machu Picchu, showing them a photograph of the archaeological complex. The singer immediately recognized the wonder and said by commenting: "I really want to meet" were the words of the BTS member.

After the declaration, thousands of Peruvian ARMYs; denomination that is given to the fans of the BTS group, they joined on Twitter to ask the agency of the group, Big Hit Entertainment, that the k-pop singers perform a concert in our country during their world tour.

The hashtags shared with this order managed to be a trend on Twitter, occupying the first places in the ranking. Alongside the messages, the ARMYs published images and videos of the members, and labeled the great record label.

For fans, Taehyung's revelation would be a clue to his next plans, where BTS could visit our country and perform a concert in Lima, after his next return with “Map of the Soul: 7”.

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