From Tour to Machu Picchu: Agreement signed for the development of Ollantaytambo during FITUR 2020

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Ollantaytambo, the prelude district for all those who are on the tour to Machu Picchu, has recently signed an agreement between the Spanish NGO Help in Action ’and the Peruvian association‘ Turismo Cuida ’, with only one objective: to contribute.

This alliance will work together under three thematic axes, helping economic, social and sustainable development. This agreement was signed within the framework of FiturNext within the celebration of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid FITUR 2020.

First they seek to focus on the promotion and conditioning of the district at the territorial level, without losing its Inca legacy and all the cultural heritage. Second point to take into account is the local economic development in relation to the demand that Ollantaytambo has, being adequately addressed. Finally, they will promote the interest of both public and private organizations for the integral management of services for the district.

These objectives, such as the promotion of the development and conservation of Ollantaytambo, are part of the Wallata Plan, an initiative promoted by 'Turismo Cuida' since 2017 and in which the Municipality of Ollantaytambo, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism also participate. (MINCETUR), among other entities competent to the sector.

The Wallata Plan is placed on the list of the twelve sustainable finalist projects of the FiturNext 2020 challenge, and will be presented today, Saturday, January 25 at a round table. ‘Ayuda en Acción’ will launch a ‘crowdfunding’ in favor of Ollantaytambo, hoping that more entities in favor of development will join to support one of the most important tourist areas in Peru.

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