Agustin Lizarraga realdiscoverer of Machu Picchu

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Over 100 years ago, a Cusqueño settler named Agustin Lizarraga left an inscription in the Temple of the Three Windows saying " Agustín Lizarraga July 14 - 1902 " , which shows that Lizarraga had discovered Machu Picchu, nine years later a scout Hiram Bingham found the inscription , reported and published it.

Agustin Lizarraga was born in Santa Teresa, town located seven kilometers from Machu Picchu, and where the Collpani hacienda where located, he used to work as manager there. One day Lizarraga with other employees left the hacienda to find new farmland without knowing they would come to discover the Inca citadel.

The next year after Lizarraga discovered the Inca citadel, they were growing corn and vegetables, he leaves his worker Toribio Recharte and family, 4 years later he sends another worker Anacleto Alvarez and family.

By 1904 Lizarraga makes the first tourist trip to Collpani workers and family.

Seven years later Hiram Bingham reached Machu Picchu and from this date on the history is now known worldwide.

This is the truth that just a few know, the truth that was crushed by the relentless marketing done to Bingham, all media gave credit to his great discovery, a wealthy version, making it known as the “scientific discovery “leaving aside the story of the real discoverer.

Then, according to the story may be determined that Hiram Bingham was re discoverer, who popularized Machu Picchu, he has the unquestionable merit of having studied and researched the citadel.