5 reasons to travel to Machu Picchu

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1. Explore Machu Picchu from different angles

Machu Picchu is one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world, walking through it is the only chance to discover it in thousand angles.

2. An opportunity to feel small

The most repeated word of every visitor who has been in Machu Picchu is “Awesome " , visiting the citadel proves that man and nature can live in harmony.

3. El Mirador de Machu Picchu

Huaynapicchu is the best viewpoint that we can find , reaches 2667 meters, this mountain is the backdrop for most of the panoramic photos of Machu Picchu.

4. Feel in the clouds

Machu Picchu is a majestic sight , is a mystery . Arriving at Intipunku and meet the fog gives us the feeling of being in the clouds, but to continue down the fog dissipates to publicize like magic to the Inca citadel something that is priceless .

5. Explore the Inca Trail

Maybe you prefer to explore one of the most legendary roads , that way that the Incas used to attach Cusco and the Sacred Citadel of the Incas.

There are many more reasons , what is your reason to travel to Machu Picchu ?