Space Incaa projected film "Raiders of the Lost City "

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This event will be held on the occasion of Easter, the film "Raiders of the Lost City " will air on Tuesday and Wednesday in room Ezequiel Soria Catamarca Film Theatre , located in San Martin 555 , upstairs at 21: 30 hours, with the direction of Fernando Martinez.

The documentary airing about the adventures of a tourist, that from the moment you arrive to Peru Fernando Martinez follows him on his great adventure , even came to appreciate the waters of Lake Titicaca , and following their adventure they arrive to Cusco and therefore to Machu Picchu which would be the final destination of our tourist, at the time when the tourist decides to head to Machu Picchu must pass through places that are even yet to be discovered . Tickets for this show is 10 pesos and if they are students or retirees value is 5 pesos ( present your card or book )