Part 2: The Andean Hummingbird

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Continuing the story of the life of the Andean hummingbird will touch the following topics:

Food: Food is very important in the life of hummingbirds as they use too much energy in the process of flight, so this beautiful bird has to feed at least a 1000 to 1500 flowers, which can consume half its weight in sugar.

Plants and hummingbirds formed a certain dependence as well as the plant provides the rich sugary liquid, hummingbirds are those carrying in its beak, around his body or pollen to different plants, so to make the pollination process for the production of seeds in the future.

Play: if we talk about this subject say that hummingbirds not develop much this aspect, because as in most species all have a very peculiar way, in the case of this bird the male have to hover or pirouetting acrobatics such way to impress and make known to the female is ready.

But after mating males away from them, that's why the female hummingbird took charge ever since, first it starts to make the nest, but not any nest, she has to devise and carry out construction, usually they do so on the tips of the twigs to avoid the attack of invaders.

In ancient times or we can better say that in places forgotten there is a story or belief, the nest because it has a certain similarity to the gallows told that if the bird uses at least some hair of some settler, he would have the misfortune of dying.