Cajamarca is expected to become a tourist destination in Sports

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Cajamarca espera convertirse en un destino turístico en deportes de aventura

Luis Reyna, director of the Committee on Tourism of the Chamber of Commerce of Cajamarca, said it will promote water sports at the resort in the resort and organized Gallito Ciego Challenge test Cajamarca, plus a tournament X Games (skateboard and bmx bikes).

On the other hand, recalled that the North Andean city has one of the best skate park (places for the practice of skateboarding) in the country, located in the center Qapaq Nan, which was built with contributions from the mining company.

Reyna felt that the sports that are prepared to be held from April next year.

Finally, he indicated that this initiative involved the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and  , the Deputy Municipal TourismTourism Cajamarca and tourist and sporting associations.