Huanchaco have a new tourism product

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Huanchaco tendrá un nuevo producto turístico

Fernando Bazan, district mayor of Huanchaco Trujillo, announced that it is developing a new tourism product group your attraction in order to establish itself as a destination for adventure, relaxation and culture.

Bazan also explained that improve tourist safety, street vending will be ordered and will develop a program of public sanitation in a period of five years, but not only the adornment and security will be improved, as the famous horses of reeds cultural legacy ancient inhabitants of the area, will have a major role as they build an interpretation center of ancient fishermen, an exhibition area and manufacturing reed horses, and promote its use for sports activities and conducting experiential tourism circuit .

Finally, he stressed that organized tour and shamanic experience in the archaeological complex of Gramalote Pampas, and will value the Cerro Campana.