Behind the legend of Naylamp

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Naylamp Lord of Lambayeque


Naylamp or Ñañlamp is a mythological character of ancient Peru that obeying the migratory spirit of his group out of the region where the Maya lived in the company of his wife Ceterni and a huge entourage, traveling raft off the coast of Central America and South America to reach the cove today San José, in Lambayeque, where he decided to settle. It was in this area that built a temple, which was named "Chot" (Huaca Chotuna) and he placed an idol of green jade which they called "Llampayec". From there would come the name of Lambayeque

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It was Naylamp, who brought civilization to the Lambayeque lands. According to legend he was a tall man, and haughty aristocratic appearance; wearing a large turban topped by a feathered headband, subject to its once magnificent turquoise. Many people accompanied him, including his officers: Pita Zofi who was the player of a large snails, Ñinacola who was caring his litter and chairs, Ñinagintue who was caring for their drinks, Fonga who had the charge of powder spill seashells on earth where trod, Occhocalo it was his cook, Xam Muchec who looked after his anointing, Allopcopoc who was responsible for preparing the bathrooms; Llapchillulli charge of their clothing. Once established, having lived many years in peace and having had many descendants; Naylamp new Lord of this land, decides to leave and let their people, approaching the shore, spreads its wings and soon disappears behind the horizon.

Remained in command, his eldest son Cium, which married a girl called Zolzoloni; and in this and other concubines had 12 sons, each of whom was the father of a copious family, and having lived and señoreado many years this Cium, he got into a vault underground, and there was left to die (and all so that posterity had for immortal and divine).

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Once dead Escuñain happened which happened Mascuy as it happened Cuntipallec and after which ruled Allascunti and it happened Nofan Nech, Mulamuslan happened to it after that lorded Acunta, which ultimately happened the lordship of Fempellec.

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Is seen as the deserved death gave theirs to Fempellec was the Lordship of Lambayeque without pattern or natural lord on whose condition was that numerous republic many days until a certain powerful tyrant named Chimo Capac, came with invincible army, and seized these valleys, and put them in prisons and Lambayeque put a lord and Cacique, which naturally Pongmassa Chimo was called. He died this peaceful Lord and left his successor a son Oxa, and it was this at the time and circumstances that the Incas went thriving in the provinces of Cajamarca, because so this Oxa was the first among his lineage had news of Mr. Incas. Since this season began living with the shock of being stripped of their dominions by hand and weapons of Cusco.

In this Oxa happened in the chiefdom Llempisán called her son to his death Chullumpisan inherited the manor, which was succeeded by his brother is named after this man Cipromarca and another younger brother who was called Fallempisan. Finally died Fallempisan Secfumpisan happened, at which time many Spaniards came to Peru.

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