5 things you must experience in your trip to Machu Picchu

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In addition to the options you mentioned below, do not forget that the biggest attraction is the tour of the same Inca citadel (Machu Picchu), today considered one of the new seven wonders of the world.

5 things mentioned below are places or routes that are important for your visit to the shrine:

  • 1. Huayna Picchu: From this mountain can have a panoramic view of the sanctuary (Machu Picchu), along the entire route of the river Vilcanota Valley.
  • 2. Flora and Fauna: A very important detail that you must lose, not see orchids and flames that are in the sanctuary.
  • 3. Inca Trail: Undoubtedly one of the courses that you must take if you're attracted to hiking and nature, all this we can appreciate that includes snowy, inaccessible archaeological remains.
  • 4. Aguas Calientes: The people can give you more of a surprise, either in their dishes, experience and beliefs of its citizens. To have one of the most beautiful experiences you must have a little time to give you a break and meet the thermal baths, which bear the same name as the village "Aguas Calientes".
  • 5. Travel by train: travel by this means is two hours, you can appreciate the nature from a different point, this option generally is for tourists who do not have much time.