An actor more to the long list of celebrities who want to know Machu Picchu

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U.S. actor Ben Stiller, adds to the long list of celebrities who want Machu Picchu.

Ben Stiller has been featured in the films Crazy Mary and Night at the Museum. Stiller made ​​clear his desire to know the citadel, after a reporter's question of America News about his new film "The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty", the question was whether some of the scenes was filmed in Peru responded to what Stiller literally: "I have not been to Peru yet. But I want to go there. Machu Picchu and I know I'd love to go. I've seen it on television and is a beautiful and dramatic, with beautiful scenery "incredible country.

So, Stiller said he wants to enter Peruvian soil as soon as possible and of course, the Inca land by thousands of visitors expected this year.