CARTUC plans to design two entrance tickets to Machu Picchu

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In the presence of many personalities committed to Cusco tourism oath yesterday re-elected president of the Regional Chamber of Tourism Cusco, Roger Valencia.

At the meeting, it was emphasized that the Incas have an obligation to influence the development , and this is to ask the government, but is proposing, gestate , investing , finding ways and think big , think Cusco not only as Inca capital but as the center of the regional economy and not just in the Cusco region but in terms of South America.

Likewise, the Vice President Luis Jaime Castillo Heritage , said one of the biggest concerns in our region is the capacity in Machu Picchu ; normally tourists prefer to travel in the morning , which means a tedious experience as they have to deal with long lines and gaps in service, for which reason the CARTUC plans this year to design two entry tickets : AM and PM , having a coupon rate on the late shift for a balance and heritage is not damaged.