CCDD completed campsites with capacity for 20 tents in Wiñay Wayna

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CCDD completed campsites with capacity for 20 tents in Wiñay Wayna

After an arduous job that lasted more than 6 months, the staff who are in charge of the maintenance and maintenance of the network of Inca Trail of Machu Picchu Cusco Culture Decentralized Direction (CCDD) , has completed the work to qualify areas to serve as camps for the use of tourists in the sector known as Wiñay Wayna.

As Fernando Astete would have mentioned in his capacity as Chief of the Archaeological Park of Machu Picchu These new campsites are located in areas previously examined by geologist engineers, thus certifying the safety of the areas.

Francisco Huarcaya Quispe explained in his capacity as responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of Inca Trail "Three platforms have been built with retaining walls, stone steps, rainwater drainage channels and handrails, which have the capacity to install up to 20 tents, which is enough for tourists And porters who travel the Inca Trail, can rest comfortably, "he added that during the construction process they had to fracture rocks of considerable size and later move them to the work area and thus be able to conclude With more than 125 square meters of retaining walls, so this work demands an arduous work by the personnel of this area.

CCDD completed campsites with capacity for 20 tents in Wiñay Wayna

"This work began in June and last December 18 is completed work already serving tourism" Said Francisco Huarcaya, who congratulated the sacrifices made by the conservatives of the Inca Trail Network

It is planned that by 2017 maintenance and maintenance work will be carried out on the entire Inca Road network, always with the aim of providing a better and more adequate Attention to tourists.

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