Chronology of Machu Picchu

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According to studies of ancient Machu Picchu, it was concluded that the Inca citadel was built in the fifteenth century, over 100 years before the arrival of the conquistadors.

Archaeological studies have confirmed this success , the dating was performed using carbon-14 , determining the date of construction as 1450 AD, actually found that it was built during the rule of Pachacuti.

New research published collapsed earlier theories dating to 1000 years old to Machu Picchu, also was ruled out the theory that Machu Picchu was a sort of fortress to defend against the Spaniards.

Machu Picchu was built to house a thousand people , most of the royal Inca Pachacutec Panaca , the great builder of the new imperial Qosqo.

Other archaeological remains confirm the attribution to Pachacutec were , the Sun Temple , the Koricancha , among other structures that correspond to the same date.