Cindy Crawford recalled his visit to Peru and Machu Picchu with great affection

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About a little over a year ago, supermodel and actress Cindy Crawford had visited Machu Picchu for the first time, speaking of that time had said: "It was everything I imagined: the colors, the people, see Machu Picchu, but after we went to Trujillo and stayed at the hospital watching these children whose lives would change thanks to the Orbis foundation ", recalling thus the visit to our country as an ambassador for Omega, the Swiss watch brand luxury allowed know the work of this association that works to eradicate blindness in a plane-hospital.

With great appreciation for the experience of the model and her daughter Kaia at that time, Cindy Crawford keep since then a great affection and special feeling for the Peruvian people and so confirm when interviewed a few days ago in Bogota during the launch of a new model of Omega, where Cindy, also said the picture that the Peruvian Mario Testino them performed at his home in Malibu with her daughter Kaia for a new edition of the magazine "Vogue Paris".

Cindy Crawford visito Perú en año pasado

"It was fun to share something with her, and Mario is always fun and amazing. I knew it would be a good experience for Kaia. In addition to beautiful photos, it was a beautiful day," said the tall model.

Recall that Cindy Crawford began parading at a young age: "I think my first show was for Diane Von Furstenberg" he said, since more than three decades have already elapsed and as a member of the elite supermodels in the 80s and 90s marched past for houses like Chanel, Versace, Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and many more. In addition to being on the cover of major magazines and image of brands such as Omega (22 years) and Revlon, among others.

Today, as regards its model concept is far much of what was modeling in the 90s, "When I started to be a model, nobody looked at us as brands. Nor had pressure or the idea of wanting to become one. but I always worked on projects and was aligned with companies that were interested in authenticity I made an exercise video when I was passionate about the sport;. I also took a line for skin care when he was 35 years old and my contract with Revlon beat " he told the 'top' is recognized as workers and educated woman, always looking to learn more, and now we are in the world of social networks: "Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do not come as natural for people of my generation, but Instagram itself interested me because I understood the power of a picture. I think it's a great place to be your own publicist, but sometimes I feel that demand a lot of work ".

Cindy Crawford visito Perú en año pasado

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