Dan Berlin, the blind athlete who finished the Inca Trail in 13 hours

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Dan Berlin, the blind athlete who finished the Inca Trail in 13 hours

For an average person, walk the hard Inca Trail around 3-4 days, because not only is bustling nearly 40 Kilometres there away, but also tries to climb steep ascents, descents, which cases do you weak at the knees, cross suspension bridges made of ichu, crossing dense fog forests flourish as fight one of the greatest of all fears, height, since one of the open spending is nearly 4,200 meters (The Huarmihuañusca).

Dan Berlin un Campeón

Still, on 14 October this year, the American athlete Dan Berlin managed to go all the way Inca circuit in just 13 hours (from 4:30 to 17:30 hrs.); this may not have anything special if it were not for Dan is blind, as a result of a strange disease, became blind at age 30, still this disease strengthened the soul of Dan, who went ahead with their dreams and decided bravely overcome all obstacles that life in store for him.

Beside his team Team See Possibilities, Charles Scott, Alison Qualter Bern and Brad Graff, and local guides, hiking and running marathons performed to raise funds and donate them to charity.

"One day before the tour we were talking with our local guide and said 'I have made this trip 215 times and I must say that what they're planning to do is not impossible, but I must warn you: It's okay if you take more than one day'", I mention Mashable, Charles Scott, a member of the team.

Dan Berlin un Campeón

Meanwhile Alison Qualter Bernam, also part of the team commented: "After a few hours we had to slow down. We were one hour late. In the first mountain pass thought, 'Oh, we will not be able to do this.' "

AAt the end of the expedition the money raised by Dan and Team See Possibilities equipment was donated to the Blind Institute of Technology and UNICEF Peru.

No doubt Dan is the inner strength that each of us have to overcome all the obstacles we face, of course, if one really wants it; Thanks Dan for example...

Dan Berlin un Campeón

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