Director of the IMF was "very impressed" by the Peruvian gastronomy

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The Managing Director of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde, said today he was "very impressed" by the Peruvian gastronomy and felt that its reputation will grow dramatically in the coming years.

Director of the IMF was

After his visit, which included a meeting with President Ollanta Humala Tasso and the Mayor of Lima, Susana Villarán, said: "I have to admit that coming from France, where the kitchen is not so bad, I'm very impressed with the kitchen Peruvian. "

He said that UNESCO supported the evaluation of French cuisine and therefore expected that Peruvian cuisine is on track to get to have a high reputation for its cuisine and cooking. "So I wish you the best of luck in this industry," he said.

Lagarde said and did during his visit to the headquarters of the municipal palace in Lima, where he appreciated the exhibition tour of Peru's economy, to know the potential exportable supply and production of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country .

Also, the IMF managing director regretted having missed the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu, but said he will return to Peru to ensure that the tourism industry is on track.

He also highlighted the benefits of Peruvian textiles and recalled that when he was 15 woolen sweater used a Peruvian, "soft and delicate."

"When he was 15 was a great thing to have a Peruvian sweater and still I have one these days, it is true," he said.

Lagarde said that Peru is the first country to visit as Managing Director International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Latin America, and the fourth since he took office, after visiting Russia, China and Japan.

He also stressed that it is very impressed by Peru's economic achievements over the past 20 years because it is a country that leads the world's economies are in the "second wave".

He said that Peru has solid foundations, resources, an economy that goes along with sound macroeconomic policies and inclusion, and is determined to locate and share the benefits of growth.

"It is no easy policy because they have to develop resources, to keep public finances under control, make sure you have a good business environment where investments can take root and people want to stay to work and invest in Peru," said .

He pointed out that in Peru is remarkable in that aspect, and must continue to use the good economic policies that have been the symbol in recent times, and "combined with determination" to include as much population as possible in this development Peru's economy.

For its part, the mayor said Villarán Lagarde "has been an impression of what that economic power" and the challenges of small business.

"It highlighted the food and found it very important component of women and youth decentralized that is incorporated into these economic activities," he said.