Ed Sheeran happy during his visit to Peru

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According to the list of the newspaper "The Sunday Times", international singer is considered one of the richest musicians in the UK. But the impression given to see it, is another, as the musician is not surrounded by security manager or members, but rather it performs all its activities (simplicity and willingness is what characterizes it).

The questions below will mention are those that were made minutes before your presentation Tuesday at the Jockey Club of Peru:

This is your first tour of Latin America and the reception has been so in Colombia (the first country he visited) and Peru has been great. How do you feel about that?

The thing with Latin America is that there is no way of knowing how successful you are in each country, until you see it with your own eyes when you get to visit each, which is why I was surprised the other night in the hotel, never I received this way were almost 400 fans and long tail I saw my concert I leave very surprised.

That is good. You take an impression of your Peruvian followers.

I knew that Peru was a beautiful country. Machu Picchu is awesome ... but I've never had this much love. That is, when we went on tour in the world, I feel the affection of the people who like my music, but in this country everyone is really friendly.

He knew you were in the Huaca Pucllana night you came to Lima How was the visit?

Yes, I went to the Inca ruins. The experience I had in there was something wonderful, ate ceviche, mahi mahi and also tried the Pisco (Peru flag drink), I do not know how you can with him, I just take two to finish a mess.