Famous people do not hesitate to do the Tour to Machu Picchu: Michelle Renaud celebrates in Peru her 3 million followers

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The experience that gives you the tour to Machu Picchu is an experience that nobody takes away from you. Full of mysticism and cosmic energy, it is a destination that nobody wants to miss. Such is the case of many celebrities who come to the citadel to get away from the routine, to strengthen their love accompanied by their partners or to celebrate. Such is the case of Mexican actress Michelle Renaud, who has made a video from the citadel of Machu Picchu for having reached 3 million followers on Instagram.

The actress with more than 15 years of experience, starting at a young age in the Mexican show, being part of the cast of Rebelde back in 2004, a novel with a lot of reception worldwide.

In 2014, she had her first star in the novel "The Shadow of the Past", an experience that has helped her overcome many insecurities, said the actress. At present, the artist is the protagonist of the Televisa soap opera “La Reina soy yo”, besides being a TV host.

The decision to come to Peru had a long time, said the actress, found the reason to celebrate her 3 million followers on Instagram and thus get out of the routine. In Peru, the actress has visited Cusco with the actor Danilo Carrera, her current partner. They met in the soap opera of juvenile court, Daughters of the Moon.

On their visit they did not stop wasting love, showing all the love in their Instagram accounts. They decided to visit the Mountain of 7 colors - Vinicunca, mandatory stop for all globetrotters. Conquered by the romantic atmosphere of the Humantay Lagoon, photos with colorful costumes, said they were literally in paradise.

Peru is undoubtedly a destination that catches and enchants, and you, have you already done the tour of your life? What are you waiting for? Machu Picchu awaits you!

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