Huayna Picchu mountain behind Machu Picchu

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HuaynaPicchu is the mountain behind Machu Picchu and it always comes out as a background on postcards. Many have seen that Huaynapicchu has a very peculiar shape , If we invest postcard, we can see that has a similarity to the profile of an Inca , forehead , nose ( the peak of the mountain) , mouth and finally the chin.

If you visit the Huaynapicchu , be sure to be a privileged and you will get an amzing view and feel full of energy , the way up the mountain is full of stone stairs made hundreds of years by the Incas , travelers always wonder how it is possible to carry so large rocks to the top of the mountain, and how they could build a perfect road it , must have been a very complicated job.

When you reach the top you will be speechless , it's worth every step up , suddenly you feel a purification, as if reborn , an impressive and powerful feeling .

Machu Picchu is Absolutely astonishing to the world , but climb the Huayna Picchu has no words.