At the end of 2015, domestic tourism grew by 4.3%

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At the end of 2015, domestic tourism grew by 4.3%

To date, has registered a total of 39'548,000 domestic tourism trips, which means a growth of 4.3% compared to 2014, all thanks to the various tourist alternatives that owns Peru; and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR).

Furthermore, I mention that according to statistical studies 2015 reported that 29% of people traveled with friends or family, without children and 25% travel with only his family (parents and children) and the cost of the travel bag per person was S /. 498 (soles) per person.

These some councils that MINCETUR recommended for an eventual trip weekend:

  1. Find all the information you can about the destination where you want to go, plan your trip well also, if possible make a full itinerary and if you must make a reservation of a hotel, always do so in advance.
  2. If you require the services of third parties provided formal contact companies or recommendation always present and always demand their receipts.
  3. Always take a shuttle authorized terminals and not in makeshift whereabouts.
  4. If you think transported on their own, can download maps of the routes to take prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.
  5. In addition, in the same direction you will know if your destination has not signal or mobile phone provider.
  6. If traveling with your own car, remember to take the necessary provisions and technical reviews, spare tire and always have at hand the phone Highway Police.
  7. If you bring food for your trip, remember to keep the waste in bags and always throw in nearby containers, always remember to respect the environment and the destination that we visit.

Turismo interno crece 4.3%

Certainly Peru has become one of the points compulsory for all those who want to travel the world stop also gradually country people realize they do not need to leave the country to have a super holiday, and start to value our culture and natural attractions that this fascinating country offers all, the Peru ...

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