Machu Picchu: install bridges to improve access to the Sanctuary

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In order to improve accessibility to the Sanctuary, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications pose a project, which was in charge of installing the Municipality of Santa Teresa, whose mayor Wilbert Santa Cruz announced the opening of said bridges for next week.

The bridges were installed respectively in the rivers of Quellomayo, Acomayo and Huaquina, this in order to facilitate somehow the driveway with tourists who make these trips and through that to save on your visit to Machu Picchu.

The bridges are type 'Acrow' steel, these were installed as prefabricated modules. Thanks to these works the alternate route where thousands of tourists from transported daily to Machu Picchu will be paved.

Undoubtedly any modification or installation in the area is in order to improve the domestic and foreign tourism in the Cusco region, but also provide comfort during their visits.

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