Machu Picchu municipal government conducted training workshop on Solid Waste Management

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A training course on management of municipal solid waste, yesterday the Municipal Government of Machu Picchu from 10:00 to 1:00 pm in the auditorium of the Municipality by Sebastian Larrouments specialist management and solid waste management, who he referred to the importance of segregation at source in the treatment of solid waste.

Habilitan vía alterna de salida en Machupicchu

Approximately 50 participants, including officials SERNANP, Ministry of Culture and public cleaners of the Municipality, attended the first training workshop took place organized by the Municipal Government of Machu Picchu by Sub Management Environmental Management as part of the activities celebratory for the 75th anniversary of political creation of the District of Machu Picchu.

Global, national and local issues regarding the inadequate management of solid waste and its impact on the health of people and the environment, were initially approached by the exhibitor to sensitize the participants, who finally developed proposals segregation organic, inorganic and hazardous material waste.

For its part, the Assistant Manager of Environmental Management. Ms. Maria Arredondo Moreno said the proper management of solid waste must be the result of joint work between authorities, public and private institutions, civil society organizations and the general population.

Habilitan vía alterna de salida en Machupicchu Habilitan vía alterna de salida en Machupicchu