Machu Picchu, the place perfect for a proposal of marriage

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An of the wonders of the world, the beautiful and enigmatic Machu Picchu has become a perfect place for a marriage proposal and throughout the year thousands of national and foreign tourists visit the archaeological complex being marveled by its striking landscape is so many of them take advantage of the long journey to perform such an important act such is the case of a couple who makes a splash on YouTube and your video is considered as the most romantic.

It's Michael Wylie who took the trip to Peru to surprise his girlfriend Vanessa, according to his channel on YouTube, Michael planned this surprise for six months, had to resort to white lies and pretend he was working in a diamond shop; and he well be Able to freely create her engagement ring.

According to the video in YouTube Michael was looking for a place perfect for to roll an ad , and without thinking it too chose to Machu Picchu in Peru, was then asked to Vanessa so it accompany in this new adventure.

After visiting several places in Peru, finally arrived to the archaeological complex, in a privileged place where most of the tourists take the best pictures, Mike gave his ipad to Vanessa where you can observe the progress of the so-called ad, appears in this video Mike formally asking for his hand to the mother and then the family of Vanessa.

Be can observe the face of Vanessa totally excited, until breaks in crying, hugging and kissing to Mike. The video was released in 2014 but is a real success in this social network. Also there are many other videos that dan to know the emotion to many ladies after their proposed of marriage in the wonder of the world Machu Picchu.

propuesta de matrimonio

propuesta de matrimonio

propuesta de matrimonio

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