Machu Picchu was elected as the tourist place to travel

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Tripadvisor travel agencies chose to Machu Picchu in Peru as the best historical place to visit historic sites of the 25 ranking.

This new award gives more prestige and promotes Machu Picchu , Cusco and Peru in general as one of potential tourist destinations to visit.

This recognition is awarded by the millions of visitors who vote for the best attractions in the world anywhere.

Machu Picchu leave second to Angkor Wat, a complex built in Cambodia, are behind the Taj Mahal in India , Petra Jordan, The temple of Bayon in Cambodia, Cathedral and Mosque of Cordoba in Spain , Salvador Church St. Petersburg in Russia, St. Peter 's Basilica at the Vatican, the walls of Dubrovnik , Croatia, the Krakow market Square , the Temple of Karnak, Abu Dhabi , El Alcazar de Sevilla among other impressive attractions .

We should note that tripadvisor is more than a travel website , because this place provides accurate rating already visited attraction and future people want to do , these travelers need real and accurate information to plan your trip , that's why tripadvisor that meets these expectations and supports more than 57 million users on its web interacting daily.