Machu Picchu celebrates today 33 years as heritage world

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He was 9 of December of 1983, the archaeological National Park of Machu Picchu was declared Cultural Heritage and natural of the humanity by the UNESCO, today is 33 years of this recognition, by this reason is carried out academic activities promoted by it address decentralized of culture Of Cusco in coordination with the municipality of Machupicchu, SERNAP and other entities.

In that context highlights the cycle of conferences "Machupicchu 33 years" where will participate featured exhibitors as the historian Mariana Mould of Pease, the archaeologist Jose Bustamante, the historian Donato beloved Gonzales, the biologist Jorge Ramos Chique and it Eng. Jesica Moron Alvarez, who addressed different aspects of Machu Picchu as its history, archaeology, ecosystems, geology, prevention of disasters natural and others themes.

aniversario de Machupicchu

aniversario de Machupicchu

Repeatedly UNESCO praised the commitment and the efforts deployed by the Peruvian Government for the management and conservation of the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu, which has enabled to successfully the threats and prevent their deterioration of this inscribed on the list of the world heritage site.

The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu, covers an area of 37,302 hectares, is home to 64 archaeological monuments, 40 sections of Inca roads, agricultural terraces, ceremonial centers, roads, canals, etc.

aniversario de Machupicchu

aniversario de Machupicchu

The sanctuary is considered to be the most amazing urban creation which the incas built and one of the heritage, most important sites in the world, nestled at the top of a mountain, at 2,430 meters above sea level in the rainforest, offering a spectacular landscape with an important endemic biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Machu Picchu is formed by enclosures, squares, temples, mausoleums, quarters to store food, channels of stone, stairways and platforms, that is distributed on the topography of the mountain worked of a mode unmatched in its design urban.

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