Mannequin Challenge arrives in Machu Picchu and becomes viral

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 Mannequin Challenge arrives in Machu Picchu and becomes viral

The challenge of the mannequin or also known as the Mannequin Challenge , is having more and more followers, this challenge is to a person or animal in a position Immobile and in unusual places, there is a compilation of several of these shorts on youtube, there are even top 10 of all these challenges, because of this, a group of people did not hesitate to perform this fun challenge in the wonder of Machu Picchu.

One of the visitors to the majestic citadel of Machu Picchu by name Ginski Jermolajew (or at least as well known), it taxed a group of friends in a totally motionless position, at the end of this video clip you can observe a group of visitors in curious positions, in addition Of some with a degree of complexity, and to put the cherry to the dessert one can be observed one of the tourists to be in the shirt of the Club Cienciano of the Cusco.

Because this type of challenge does not affect the surrounding nature in any way to the scenario where it is carried out, a tendency is being made very quickly, Videos are very funny not only for the viewer but also for those who stage it, there are now several videos with this challenge made in the wonder of the world, Machu Picchu.

In the case of Ginski jermolajew, his video was uploaded to the networks on November 23 and to date has more than 180 thousand views and more than 1150 reproductions.

Just to conclude, this challenge of the Mannequin Challenge became viral in October of this year , after students at an institute in the United States were recorded as mannequins in a video A joke that was shared so many times that it now became viral globally.

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