Meet the climate of Machu Picchu

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The sanctuary of Machu Picchu, throughout the year presents a variety of climates due to its geographic and topographic location.

In June and July the mornings are cold with temperatures down to -2 ° C, while in the months of November to March (rainy season) has an average temperature of 16-18 ° C during the day but night reaches 0 ° C; in the months from April to October (dry season) the temperature rises to 23 ° C and can reach up to 26 ° C.

If you want to visit Machu Picchu, we recommend the months of May and June, as the weather day is mostly hot, but at night is frigid, which is why we recommend that during the day take light clothing, but at night always It has a wool sweater and windproof jacket.

Machu Picchu and is located in jungle has always rains in all seasons and it is best to bring umbrella or raincoat, sunscreen and bags to protect your photographic equipment.