Andean bear is scattered in about 95% of the Sanctuary of Machupicchu

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Andean bear is scattered in about 95% of the Sanctuary of Machupicchu

Peru, is lucky to have a great biodiversity, from our coast in the Pacific to our jungle we are bathed with an important amount of wealth not only animal, but also vegetable and even mineral, but the indiscriminate hunting of some of the species already Either because of their flesh or their skin caused some species to be in danger of extinction, that is why a study was carried out regarding the area of the archaeological park of Machupicchu and surroundings, which yields an encouraging result with respect to survival Of the spectacled bear.

The Andean Bear or also called spectacled bear, or in the language Quechua is known as ukuku, is the only species of bear that lives in South America, reason why it is very important in its survival, is natural of the tropical andes and We can find it from Venezuela to the south of Bolivia, but what stands out most is that the Andean bear is a fundamental part with respect to the Andean and Amazonian worldview.

Due to all this information, a comprehensive plan for the conservation of this species was made in the landscapes that surround both the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park and Choquequirao. For this reason, a biological monitoring was carried out in the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, Monitoring was carried out in an approximate area of 370 km2 within the Historic Sanctuary of Machupicchu and its surrounding area.

This monitoring, which lasted for 3 years, yielded not only a positive but also very rewarding result, since it was found that the spectacle bear is found in more than 95% of the protected natural area, thus denying previous studies that the population Of this species only occupied less than 30% of the Sanctuary.

Andean bear is scattered in about 95% of the Sanctuary of Machupicchu

Finally, representatives of the National Service of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SERNANP) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), who led this research, emphasized the importance of this species in the area declared a natural and cultural heritage by Unesco, And that thanks to this information it is now possible to establish a baseline for future assessments and the planning that allows them to be preserved in the long term.

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