Pachacuteq and Machu Picchu

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The Inca Pachacutec was a great ruler , the ninth Inca , who expanded the Tawantinsuyu and became the great Inca empire.

Viracocha had an heir Urco Inca , but it was the bravery and courage of Pachacuteq that earned him the Inca sovereignty.

When he began the battle against Chacas invaders par excellence was then that Viracocha and his son Inca Orco fled Cusco , villagers were uncomfortable by the abandonment of their rulers, was so Prince Inca Yupanqui ( Pachacuteq ) had to assume the responsibility and ask the sister nations to help fight the battle against the Chanca , only Kanas joined them, other people were in expectation of who would be able to overcome , to join them , this is where the legend is born " phururaucas " or stone soldiers . Thanks to the sun god who gave life to the stones become soldiers to help their children , seeing that the Incas were close to victory other people joined him as the Incas would get would be the union of peoples and hegemony South . The victory went to the Incas, the victors.

After this resounding victory , Pachcacuteq decided to consolidate his dominion , and start a fight against the chiefs who did not help him , he learned that Viracocha with Urco were in place and gathering joins army to defeat Inca Yupanqui, to get this to the area Yucay started the fight to achieve achieve throat Urco with a sling , was so much force that impact the rock in the neck Urco that fell into the waters of Vilcanota , was swept by the current to reach Chupellusca where they killed him .

With Pachacuteq began the imperial Inca era characterized by its buildings finely carved , sent beautify Cusco with its imposing policies buildings, built the temple of the sun and moon in Pachacamac , and the most beautiful llacta around the Inca Empire " Machu Picchu " his abode and where according to historians is his mausoleum .