Some recommendations for your trip to Machu Picchu

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If you are planning to travel to Machu Picchu here are some tips:


If you travel to make sure that this agency complies with all requirements and plan provisions , as well as safety.

Apparel and footwear

During the months of November to early April is the rainy season so there is less touristed . If you decide to travel in these months be sure to wear waterproof clothing and waterproof boots or other footwear that allows scrolling in rough and rainy areas .

Sun protection and hydration

The sun rays are very strong in high altitudes , so it is always necessary to wear sunglasses, hats, blockers with UV protection, moisturizing lip , water and things like staff oxygen, water purification tablets (recommended for hiking long ) is also advisable to carry raisins, pecans, almonds granola or some other type of alternative energy.

Additional Tips

Be sure to bring batteries , videotapes CD's , among others, it is difficult to find in cities spares .

Do not forget the first aid kit , including medications (if carrying medical treatment) and pills for altitude sickness ( altitude sickness )

Drink plenty of clean , filtered water to help prevent dehydration -induced elevation which can cause headaches. Always carry toilet paper and zipper bag to prevent littering, in an emergency when you need to go to the bathroom .

Bring to change U.S. dollars into local currency and not carry traveler's checks as they are hard to change. If you use a credit card make sure it is accepted in Peru and notify your company that will make a trip abroad for the charges not be marked as fraudulent.