Cusco tourism will grow by 19% for Easter

02 April 2015 | Ollantaytambo, Cusco, Machu Picchu, Easter
During this long holiday (Easter) most people travel to various parts of the country but also have the opportunity to visit the archaeological sites in family, in the list of most people Cusco is first. According to the National Chamber of Tourism, tourists visiting various archaeological sites of... Leer más...

Easter in Cusco

19 March 2015 | Easter, Señor de lo Temblores, Cusco
Easter in Cusco starts Monday March 30 with the procession of the Lord of the Earthquakes. The Taitacha Tremors, name in Quechua, is a crucified Christ copper colored with Indian features, whose body lies limp on a cross. Whoever sees it feel in your chest full identification with Jesus... Leer más...