Agricultural terraces or platforms of Machu Picchu

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The platforms are considered as one of the infrastructure and adapt to most breathtaking scenery of the entire pre-Columbian America , are pre - Inca constructions , but we must recognize that the Incas generalized construction.

The aim of the Incas to make this construction was to gain land for agriculture , erosion control such that allows them retain moisture and form a particularly suitable climate for growing corn.

The ancient people needed farmland , more than their narrow valleys offered them , that's why they started to build platforms for a large-scale agriculture , many of these buildings were put to the landscape, it followed the natural curve of the slopes , rarely modified the landscape to build platforms.

In colonial times was allowed to plant in certain areas due to the constant deaths of Quechua ( Inca ), now the farmers are cultivating on the platforms of their ancestors , in Machu Picchu allowed much time to plant now, since being Cultural heritage should be retained entirely platforms .