The great Huaynapicchu cave.

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This building is known as the "Temple of the Moon" , few tourists know of its existence .

It Is located on the slopes of Huaynapicchu, in 1911 it was already known by Hiram Bingham, who gave it the name “The Great Cave " .

It is not known at what time it began to be known as “Temple of the Moon," there is no relationship, as it is located on the opposite side of the moon, non beam of moonlight enter to this place . it is said that 70 years ago the owner of a well-known hotel would have named it this way to make the hotel more attractive attractive, and certainly as other Inca archaeological sites it is not really known what it was its real name , there is no more information.

According to historian Kauffmann Doig , must have been a place of very important cult because of the walls surrounding the cave, what it’s great is that while many tourists are in Machu Picchu and others in the Huaynapicchu, in the great cave there’s no people, this is the best way to enjoy the Inca monuments in silence , accompanied only by the sound of the Urubamba river been seen in the distance.

There are two ways to enter the Temple of the Moon, one of them is up to the top of Huaynapicchu and descend to the temple, the other way is to take the road which branches off to the left at the base of Huaynapicchu.

The circuits do not include this part of the park so if you want to know Temple of the Moon or The Great Cave must be done byt yourself.