The Main Temple of Machu Picchu

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It is located to the north of the Sacred Plaza, near the Temple of the 3 Windows. It is 11 meters long and 8 meters wide, it is a temple of 3 rectangular walls made of stone.

The main temple of Machu Picchu has seven trapezoidal niches in the central wall, and the other two walls five niches in each one, behind the temple is a small room known as the Chamber of ornaments, it is believed that this place held a intimate relationship with the temple at the bottom of the back wall with a low platform with a lytic seat.

The deity who was worshiped here is unknown, but many historians agree that they could worship their chief god Viracocha, the invisible God Andino.

In front of the temple there is a stone according to some authors it might be the famous Southern Cross however is not possible to prove.