The Temple of the Condor

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The Temple of the Condor is located within the urban area of the Inca citadel , has a peculiarity in its architecture to show irregularities in their buildings , with a purpose, to harmonize with the environment , produce a harmony with the surrounding rocks . Many anthropologists believe theories have explained everything about the Temple of the Condor after discovering the rock mass representing a bird with outstretched wings. Fact which showed that it was a sacred stone for worship and celebration of sacred rituals, when the rock is illuminated, projects the figure of a bird.

In addition to the rock in the form of birds, another representation was found in stone that resembles the shape of bird, this stone was carved delicately to create the bust of the bird, which seems to be a condor . To the Incas the condor was a divine representation of production and fertility, old stories say once the condors move their wings , made the clouds gather to produce rain allowing the fertilization of the land.

The underground part of the temple are the dungeons of Machu Picchu, in these dungeons imprisoning prisoners with the peculiarity lock with wild animals as a method of torture.