The Wanderlust magazine recognized cusqueño guide as the best in the world

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This is the story of Efrain Valles who was born in one of the wonderful and rich cities on tourism (Cusco). A few days ago Efrain participated in a selection of the best World Tour Guide by the magazine Wanderlust, where Efrain won first place and was recognized as such by the magazine.

Besides all also he managed to be one of 23 new ambassadors Brand Peru. It is noteworthy that the competition was attended by some 2,200 tour guides from different countries.

Summary of Your Life

Efrain was born in Cusco, had one of the unpleasant childhoods his young age he lost his father, also his mother abandoned him, therefore, had to earn a living and know the cruelty of life by their own experience, their way of his bread was perhaps sell some trinkets among others.

Because of his humility went to the Chicuchas Wasi Foundation, where he finally found a mother who would support him since in all things, also helped him study a short career in high school (although some opt for the computation) but thanks to the good decisions I choose Tourist Guide.

Valles is fully grateful for the support received from his mother and the Foundation, who today receives a portion of their income as a token of gratitude for the years he had to live with them, but this can include the money that he received as US $ 5,500 award from the magazine Wanderlust.

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