They seek to improve safety and comfort for the tourist in Machu Picchu

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In an agreement between the institutions, civil society and district authorities Machu Picchu, proposed the creation of an office of the Dircetur (Regional Directorate of Foreign Trade and Tourism) which will be installed in the town of Aguas Calientes, plus modules for the attention of police cars and specialized tourism guides.

The meeting was held in the auditorium of the local commune thanks to the initiative of the Deputy Manager of Tourism and Economic Development Municipal Government of Machu Picchu with representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Dircetur, Sernanp, members of associations of Guides Official Tourism , among others.

Seguridad y Confort en Machu PicchuSeguridad y Confort en Machu Picchu

In order to achieve better management and proper regulation of tourist activities in the archaeological complex of Machu Picchu during the arrival, stay and departure of domestic and foreign tourists, this past weekend the idea was proposed, which It is expected to be approved unanimously at a future meeting.

During the course of that meeting, proposals and concerns from professional career official guide, with respect to service guidance offered were exposed and developed within and around the citadel of Machu Picchu, among many of the proposed contributions made improving the services provided by tourist guides and their respective training and updating through training conducted by the Dircetur.

Seguridad y Confort en Machu PicchuSeguridad y Confort en Machu Picchu

In addition, it was also agreed that all income to the archaeological complex must be accompanied by a guide, to thereby avoid the excesses that might commit os tourists in Machu Picchu, it was also discussed the eradication of street trading, pets (dogs) ownerless walking in the vicinity of hits on the entrance and exit of the historic sanctuary, among others.

For all these reasons the presence of institutions such as Indecopi, Dircetur, Sernanp and National Police are believed essential to somehow be able to monitor and control jointly all activities undertaken by operators and tourism, restaurants and hotels.

Seguridad y Confort en Machu PicchuSeguridad y Confort en Machu Picchu