Tour in Machu Picchu: Meet the Querulpa Jurassic Park in Arequipa

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Are you visiting the different tourist places of Peru, did you do the tour to Machu Picchu and do you have a few days left to continue enjoying and are you a dinosaur lover? This tour is right for you and your whole family. This Jurassic park located 3 hours from the city of Arequipa, in the Aplao district, is an interesting place from beginning to end, giving young and old people the opportunity to meet these gigantic prehistoric beings.

Inside the establishment there are more than 60 dinosaur footprints and giant sculptures as a replica of these beings, making an exciting moment for all families.

Reopening this place to the public has not been easy, it took 45 working days to open this theme park. The discovery of the tracks was made in 2002, by some young people from the area and although the regional government of Arequipa carried out a tourism project with this theme it was not until 2019 that the ideas materialized.

The tracks found have different sizes, it is not yet confirmed to which species they belong, but it is possible that it is a plintosaurus. Really a historical event.

When visiting it we advise you, do not stop using sunscreen, wear glasses and a hat, avoiding the harsh sun damage in this arid area. As well as go with comfortable shoes, hydrating and eating some snacks as nuts to regain strength. Don't think about it anymore and live the adventure!

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