Tour to Machu Picchu: Amazing stone of 20 angles surprises visitors

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A new finding has been revealed in the province of Anta in Cusco, it is a stone of 20 angles that is causing great astonishment among tourists arriving in Cusco.

This rock is part of the Archaeological Center of Qollmay, in the Chinchapucyo district, belonging to the province of Anta in Cusco. This recent discovery is located three hours from the imperial city of Cusco. It was discovered recently, the vegetation covered the surface of this area, hiding it from visitors.

The Directorate of the Ministry of Culture has given the directorial resolution, the authorities discuss the promotion of this discovery. In addition, the area is really interesting for the tourism sector, it offers a Condor Viewpoint, boating on the Apurímac River, among other activities.

Located on the left side of the base of an important cover of an Inca wall of the Archaeological Center of Qollmay. It is reached after three hours from the city of Cusco via the Cusco - Cotabambas. Even the few tourists who come to this area, were amazed with this stone that has almost double the angles of the famous Stone of twelve angles, in Hatunrumiyoq street in Cusco.

Qollmay, is a ceremonial and religious center with Inca walls, placed with an exquisite technique, passageways and irrigation canals, close to the sector of the Rock Paintings of Pumawasi and the Huancariri andenería.

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