Want to know Machu Picchu in 4 minutes?

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(Foto: Captura de Vimeo)

If you come to Cusco with the intention of having one of the most beautiful experiences of your life, without a doubt the place is in your plans is Machu Picchu, this video, recorded by a pair of young travelers, will encourage and teach more this adventure in just 4 minutes.

Pascal Ghirardi and Anna Torrent travelers are hung on vimeo a fun and original time lapse. It is noted that for this item, which is part of the "Flame Chullando" used a GoPro camera in order to show how people live in the citadel.

After your trip, and Torrent Ghiardi commented that every day in Peru was an unforgettable experience. We invite you to also live in the flesh. We leave the video at the following link: http://vimeo.com/89915492