Activate emergency operations center local COLE - MACHUPICCHU to face the consequences of The Boy.

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PRESS RELEASE No. 093 - 2015 - RR.PP - MDM

As part of the contingency actions to be performed against the arrival of El Niño, the District Municipality of Machu Picchu through the Office of Risk Management Disaster she convened an emergency meeting of the members of the Platform of Defense Civil District chaired by the Mayor Mr. Delman Gayoso David Garcia.

At the meeting, prior exposure of the current situation in the district of Machu Picchu in the areas of Civil Defense and Management of Disaster Risk and targeting critical areas in various parts of the district, we proceeded to the formation of committees at the level of the Center Local Emergency Operations (COLE).

In that sense, was appointed commissioner Machupicchu Lieutenant PNP Wilder Medina Arce in the office of assessor COEL Coordinator, Lic. Edgar Serrano Villena Head of Public Relations and Protocol of the Municipality in the position of Communications Officer, Mr. Mario Baca Beltran Serenazgo Division Chief of the Municipality responsible for Operations and Logistics and Ing. Gastón Herrera Espinoza Head of the Office of Civil Defense in the municipality office responsible for monitoring and analyzing COEL.

In this regard, the mayor of the District Municipality of Machu Picchu in his capacity as President of the District Civil Defense Committee, Mr Deman David Garcia reported Gayoso, who have lobbied NATIONAL PROVIAS replacement Huillcar structures and bridges and Choquellusca It ruins the same bridge, the same has already been established through an Interagency Cooperation Agreement signed with PROVIAS decentralized.

It also announced the drills and identification of evacuation points as a preventive measure to the population so that is current at all times of the development of the emergency situation and comply with the advice and instructions given by the authorities of Defense Civil, who according SENAMHI the phenomenon of The Boy in this rainy season predict large-scale extraordinary level.

Finally for the next meeting it was agreed to convene the representatives of the company Luz del Sur to intervene with its machinery in the work of riparian defense area Collpani and representatives of the Company Consettur Machupicchu SAC, to inform about progress of the work of geological evaluation of the Hiran Bingang road.

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Machu Picchu September 14, 2015

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