UNESCO to Machu Picchu not included on the List of World Heritage in Danger

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Authorities in Peru, welcomed the decision by UNESCO, not including Machu Picchu on the List of Heritage in Danger.

Ricardo Ruiz, director of the Decentralized Management Cuzco, reported that members of the World Heritage Committee of Unesco held a meeting in Bonn (Germany) from June 28 to July 8 in ay decided to postpone the valuation on entry Machu Picchu on the List of Heritage in Danger until 2017.

"There was fear that Machu Picchu is included in that list, but did an impeccable job to lift the observations of Unesco and technically work with the advisory bodies to the World Heritage Committee" to postpone the decision, Ruiz said.

Besides all Ruiz, I report that technical teams of the World Heritage Committee reached Machu Picchu related this year and early 2016, this in order to assess the state, and thus to decide whether to include or not in the list Wealth in Danger in 2017.