Who really discovered Machu Picchu?

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Although in most of the stories about the discovery of Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary tell us that was the American Hiram Bingham, the fact is that when someone came to the place he knew of the existence of this place, who is ?, Agustin Lizarraga a Peruvian farmer who arrived in the central Andes in 1902, nine years before the American explorer.

But this would not be the exact date, but their first serious tour in 1894, they would note a small registration coal in the stones of the remains that was later deleted in haste by archaeologist to go to history as the discoverer Historic Sanctuary.

The interest of finding new land for cultivation was what led him to discover Lizarraga to Machu Picchu the July 14, 1902, leaving stating such a small inscription on the wall of the Three windows. After nearly a decade Hiram Bingham came to the ruins on July 24, 1911, where I get to see a small inscription indicating that he had prior to the his expedition, which is why immediately command to delete arguing conservation reasons.

Fact: The farmer Agustin Lizarraga died in 1912 in his attempt to return to the ruins discovered in the rainy season, which when trying to pass the Urubamba river was washed away and his body disappeared in the water.

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