With ceremony in Machupicchu, Huayna Qhapaq began the Jubilar celebrations of Cusco

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In a ceremony full of culture and ancestral rites, the Inca Huayna Cápac officialized the start of the Cusqueñas holidays due to the coming of the jubilee month of Cusco, and invited the four of them (Collasuyo (SE) llama region, Chinchaysuyo (NO) Tigrillo Region, Antisuyo (NE) Jaguar Region, Contisuyo (O) Condor Region) both the ancient empire of the Incas (El Tahuantinsuyo) and the entire world to be part of one of the largest and Symbolic of Peru.

In fact, on this occasion it was chosen to lead the last Inca recognized by the Tahuantinsuyo, Huayna Capac, because this was one of the frequent visitors of the present archaeological park of Machupicchu, it is said that Huayna Capac arrived at the Inca citadel to rest and meditate About the future of the Tahuanntinsuyo, during his rule, the Inca empire reached its maximum extent reaching north to pasture in Colombia and south to the Maule river in Chile, all thanks to the wars he personally directed, his unexpected death In Quito by smallpox or measles (both European diseases and unknown to the Incas) led to civil war between his two sons, which led to the beginning of the debacle of the fabulous Inca empire.

The ceremony

The ceremony that was given the name "Machupicchu Watukuy" which translated into Spanish would be "Return to Machupicchu", was starred in a small esplanade called the Guardian House, in one of the highest and most beautiful sectors of the Inca citadel of Macchu Picchu. The Tarpuntay, a kind of Inca healer, and personage of the court of the Inca, begins with the reading of the coca, in a sort of predicting the future future, to this, the sacred leaves do not bring good news. They announce that evil times will come and says:

- The Incas will disappear - informs the Tarpuntay to the Inca, it is the sentence of the mother coca informs.

- Murder and looting will be committed by white and bearded men who will come from distant lands - adds to what people in their normal reaction begin to cry of concern.

-Upallay (shut up)! - orders Huayna Capac.

"What can we do?" The Tarpuntay worried.

- Qollochiy! Qollochisun (avoid it!), The Inca commands. It is about to begin an ominous time for the Inca empire. Order also that before the danger announced be cared for and save Machupicchu so that it lasts for all time.

As it is known the orders of the Inca had to be fulfilled to the letter, therefore it is not strange that Machupicchu was hidden by the vegetation so that the Spaniards did not find it, it was not but almost 500 years after that they rediscovered it, after the Recreated episode. After this scene, the concern grows and the Inca in an attempt to calm this sentence said by the mother coca, is purified by the priestesses and receives the "new kallpa (force)" in a solemn ritual.

Invitation to the fiestas of Cusco

During the ceremony it was possible to see hundreds of tourists enjoy this scenario, which propelled the development of activities by parties of Cusco, tourists did not waste the opportunity to take hundreds of photos knowing that not every day you can see a show In the marvel of the world.

After the staging, the mayor of Cusco Carlos Moscoso Perea, highlighted the event and invite all to be part of these festivities that are approaching and have their day focus on June 23, "From Machupicchu, the largest urbanistic symbol of the Tahuantinsuyo, we call the four of them to come and meet to meet and share our traditions and our history". With open arms, we welcome them.

The beginning of these celebrations will begin on May 2 with the feast of the crosses, or Cruz Velacuy, where all the crosses distributed in each neighborhood of the city of Cusco and surroundings (placed in an effort to impose the Catholic religion to the Incas) Are taken out and put in procession either by the city of Cusco or by their respective sectors, beginning the day with the launch of salvo of rockets.

It is worth remembering that for this year some new activities have been introduced such as the recreation of "The footsteps of the Inca", where representatives of the four of them came from the various districts to the Imperial city for a meeting.

Finally, Calixto Coanqui, representative of EMUFEC indicated that for this occasion there is financing in the promotion of events by PROMPERÚ, as well as private companies and state entities, "Solo Promperú has guaranteed more than one and a half million soles For promotion; We also expect companies to keep adding to the financing. "

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